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The Wardrobe Staples Edit

Building a wardrobe staples edit will change your life. No I'm not overreacting (well maybe a little lol), but we all have those days - or two or three - in a week where you sleep late, are going to work straight for exercising or straight out cbf putting together a cute/fashion forward/acceptable outfit.

Those are the times that I rely on my wardrobe stables edit - easy pieces that don't need ironing, you can throw on in 2 minutes and that always look goo. Here's where to start, featuring my fave pics from Catch of the Day.

The easy throw on dress

Invest in a chic but uncomplicated dress that doubles always looks good and cab be thrown on with a leather or denim jacket to jazz it up. Wear with sneakers, boots or heels depending on the situation - it will always look good!

The basic white tee

If you don't have a plain white tee, you are missing out an absolute wardrobe stable. Goes with anything from jeans to under a slip dress. Choose a brand that fits well and drapes over the body, loose but not oversized.

My pick: Metallicus are known for their good quality fabrics that look and feel expensive.

The black mini

Ah a little black skirt is such a building block. Make sure it fits you (not too short or two tight - must be comfy and easy! Throw it on with a shirt, an oversized knit a tee.... you get the picture!

The Denim Jacket

How does one live without a denim jacket? I have worn mine approximately 1425 times (and that is not an exaggeration). Honestly, a denim jacket is a stable all year round, from balmy summer nights to over a jumper on a chilly winters day. They look just as cool ties around your waist too - a forever classic.

A good pair of sneakers

Almost anything looks automatically cooler with a pair of kicks. Denim shorts? tick. Girly dress? tick. Activewear? Double tick! Bonus points for sparkles

My pick: You cannot go wrong with Stan Smiths

What are you wardrobe staple must haves? Let me know in the commenst below!

This post was sponsored by However, all thoughts are my own.

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