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Christmas Wishlist

So somehow (if someone can explain please do) it is now approximately one week until Christmas. For those about to get started on the last minute pressie dash (cough me), here are 9 picks, all under $150 chosen by Brittany Daisy and me. These gifts are perfect for your sister, Mum or best friend - and may even be the perfect response to the next person who asks, 'what do you want for Christmas?'

From left to right:

Lack of Colour The Russo Straw Hat

An Organised Life Lined Notebook

Triangl Swimwear Gigi California Coconut Bikini

Musq Face and Body Exfoliant

Jasmine Dowling x Tony Bianco Bonjour Pouch

The Beach People Aztec Round Towel

Chloe 10am Eau De Toilette

The Fifth Watches New York Classic Soho


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