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I'm currently performing a 'spring clean' of sorts, and it has made me look more closely at my fashion habits, A lot of chain store clothes in end in the charity pile after one season, so I've decided to commit to spending less and instead investing in more quality clothes that last the distance. Here are my picks this months for a few key pieces that will elevate your outfits as we move into Spring.

Helmut Lang jumper

I decided to invest in this jumper and no-regrets. I'm obsessed and the material is so luxe. This jumper looks just as good as an outfit as it does over activewear so I'm calling it a winner.

Check out more Helmet Lang here.

Helmet Lang Tee

Clearly I'm loving Helmut Lang's latest collection because I am also vibing this tee. Regardless of the brand, good quality tees last the distance and in my opinion, are worth the price. There are more new season tees here.

Golden Goose

My fave sneakers of all time are Golden Goose. I purchased my first pair on sale from Shopbop a few years ago, they are sparkly silver and I was instantly hooked, I now own three pairs (whoops) but am super keen to add a new pair to the collection for the upcoming warmer months. Have a look at the GG range here.


Alexander Wang Bumbag

Just because I said I'm trying to invest in key fashion pieces, does not mean they can't be fun! And I'm really loving Alexander Wang's silver hardware bumbag. So fun, and super practical, I'm all for it. (Side note - I love all Alexander Wang bags, check them out here).

This blog post was produced in collaboration with my favourite online store Shopbop.


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