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Bonjour 2016

Bonjour 2016!

I always see the new year as a fresh start, spurred on by summer inspiration and reflecting on the year that has just passed by. My annual new years day ritual involves a lengthy diary entry to revisit my goals from the year before (and seeing how I did!), deciding on my favouorite moments of that year, and of course writing down my new years resolutions.

Some are reoccuring - such as stop biting my nails, keep my room clean, eat healthy.

Others are more specific and involve career goals, daily living and creating. Whilst I never achieve all my new years resolutions, I think they are such a great benchmark for working towards your future and also realising exactly what you wanted at a certain point in your life - and how this changes year to year!

Happy new year lovelies - looking forward to an amazing 2016!



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