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What is a Digital Fashion House?

As someone writing a PhD in digital media, I like keeping across online trends as they develop - especially when they coincides with my love of fashion. One interesting piece of knowledge that I recently came across is something called a "digital fashion house". With the name Ivy Revel, the site is created with insta #ootd pics in minds, and is a glossy, high production - which makes sense seeing as they are backed by the H&M group!

Ivyrevels style is polished, bold and extrovert, with a focus on feminine silhouettes and a dressed-up attitude. In fact, central to their conception is the fashion house's idea of the "Ivyreveler girl' who "uses online living to her own advantage, setting her own rules, looking for the next trend she spots on her feed, always sharing her cosmopolitan lifestyle on social media".

A shopping hub tailored to the digital, insta-girl sounds very interesting, especially since there designs will be limited edition to ensure each purchase remains part of a unique look. As the social media and digital world continue to expand, it seems 'digital fashion houses' may become more widespread- so it is always good to keep your eye on the early adopter.

See the full Ivyrevel collection on their website as well as their insta hashtags #ivyrevel #revelista

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