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This week (and last week and the week before....) have been insanely busy. You know those weeks where your to-do list is overwhelming and its a struggle to fit everything in? Yep, it's currently that time of the semester. I have my thesis defence due in less than two weeks (which is basically the Phd halfway checkpoint) , which means I am frantically finishing writing my proposal.

In a bit of procrastination, I was going to post my Fashion Week round up on the blog tonight (it's coming I promise!), but thought instead I'd quickly let you know about the Revolve sale happening this week. I first heard about the brand after seeing their Coachella party pop up on my insta newsfeed a few years ago. Ever since, I regularly check their site for amazing and unique LA-inspired pieces that you can't buy in Aus. This dress in particular is so perfect, with its open back and gorgeous beading - I'm literally obsessed (you can buy it here!).

Click here to browse the sale.


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