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Winter in Sydney has most definitely arrived. Whilst last week I was easily getting away with skirts and a long sleeve tee, this week was all about bringing out the coats and scarves, Just like my wardrobe changes with the shift in weather, so too does my skincare. My focus turns a little more towards ensuring my skin stays hydrated, so I have recently switched up my routine and have started using Derma e's range, The products are eco-friendly, vegan and natural, which is super important for me as I try to cut out chemicals from my beauty routine as much as possible.

My skin has definitely been responding and looking clearer. My favourite product is purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask - there is something so relaxing about applying a face mask a few times a week, and this one actually smells nice and meaning you can leave it on for 15 minutes without any hassle. I've also been using the vitamin a glycolic cleanser (made with papaya!), the microdermabrasion the purifying youth serum, hydrating eye creme and moisturiser - which provide hydration without making me breakout.


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