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hip hop yoga with 213 apparel

I start every weekend with Saturday morning exercise - it helps me feel fresh and energised all weekend, and stops me from wasting any precious weekend time sleeping in - plus it counteracts any sneaky cocktails consumed that night! Usually my exercise of choice is a cardio based, but last week, I switched it up with a hip hop yoga class on a gorgeous rooftop in North Bondi thanks to 213 Apparel.

The details were spot on - greeted with a coffee of choice from the cute little barista cart, fresh juices, fruit filled water jars and 213 yoga mats all lined up! Comfy in our new gear (how amazing is the ocean print?!), our class started and I immediately became obsessed with hip hop yoga. What better way to flow and engage the muscles, than to Jeremih, Rihanna and Ty Dolla $ign? Seriously SO much fun, especially with the Spring sunshine beaming down!

I highly recommend catching a class next time you're in Melbourne. To look the part, jump online and check out their clothing line. I'm also loving their new collection - especially the cute star print.

Thanks to EGPR and 213 Apparel for such an amazing morning!


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