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Fresh, dewy clear skin is goals - a little elusive, but goals nonetheless! Recently, I have realised using a thousand different products in an extensive skin care regime isn't necessarily the best way to go. So I was super excited to be asked to try out Dermalogica's new Face Fit. A ten minute express treatment ( I went to the Dermalogica skin bar at Bondi Junction), the mini facial is easily do-able in your lunch break, but left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated, even exfoliating away some old blemish marks. The lovely facialist also face-mapped by skin, informing me of any dry spots and recommending a routine tailored to my skin concerns. Since then, I have re-fallen in love with Dermalogica's pre-cleanser (I never got around to replacing my last one!). It's a lovely oil-based product that you use before your cleanser, to help remove dirt, oil, sunscreen and make up, allowing your cleanser to penetrate deeper and actually work! I've also added an eye cream and targeted serum to my usual routine - so would highly recommend popping into a Dermalogica skin bar to find the right products to suit your own individual skin concerns.


Fresh skin the day after my Face Fit facial!\

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