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As someone who puts a lot of effort into my health, I am always on the look up for products that can make eating healthy and filling up on organic nutrients as easy as possible. Despite my best efforts, I know its hard to always get enough fresh veggies in, so I was super pumped to take up the Super Elixir Welle co challenge. Everyday, I have been having 2 teaspoons of the green powder, either in water or in a smoothie of juice. I have actually been noticing a difference! I've been feeling energised, and the main way I've noticed this is I haven't been craving coffee as much. Usually I wake up and it's straight to the coffee machine, but in the last week I haven't been feeling that coffee hit as much, waiting until mid-morning or even after lunch. As a result, I will definitely be extending this personal challenge indefinitely. You can buy the super elixir online here.


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