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Only recently have I discovered the power of facials to really reinvigorate your skin and keep it looking fresh. As someone who still gets semi-regular blemishes, I have found looking to the professionals to provide a very tangible difference and for longer than just a few days after! So I was super excited to head to Dermalogica HQ to freshen up my skin under the hands of a Dermalogica expert.

First up - their head office is super cute! I filled out a form with all my skin details and current routine, before meeting with my amazing facialist. What I LOVED about this particular treatment was the relaxation element - candles and serene music set the scene while I was talked through the various steps that would take place over the next hour. The extractions were particularly great, safely removing my blemishes so my face will be clear and fresh for my birthday this week! Again, something I'd never try at home, and am super happy with the results!

Overall would 100% recommend heading in to Dermalogica (either their HQ or stores) and freshening up your skin with a treatment. It is also a great opportunity for a professional to have an in-depth look at your skin and create a personalised routine to fix any problem areas and protect your future face! Personally, after chatting through my concerns and the observations of my skin during the treatment, I have incorporated three newbies into my everyday skin care (I currently use Dermalogica's pre-cleanse, which is my FAV product, as well as their eye cream, gentle cream exfoliant and skin hydrating booster).

In terms of the new additions, first, I'll be using Dermalogica's brand new daily exfoliant (made with charcoal), about three times a week to keep my skin silky smooth, detoxify pores and help combat pigmentation. To amp up this brightening process, I will be using the C-12 brightening serum morning and night. Finally, I am replacing my current morning moisturiser with Dermalogica's, which has 50+ SPF - which means I no longer have to apply sunscreen before my moisturiser. With hydration and protection now all in one step, there no excuses! I was also super impressed with the texture of this product- you could not tell it was a suncreen, which is the main element that usually deters me from applying when its not sunny. As I was reminded, its the cloudy days when we often end up with the most sun exposure, so I am super happy to discover this product!

Thank you so much to the Dermalogica team for inviting me in to try this treatment - I'll definietly be back to try and keep this helathy glow!

I'll keep you the blog updated on how my skin reacts to adding these easy products to my everyday routine.


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