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As any regular watches of my Snapchat would know, I am a regular exerciser. I usually try to fit in 5 sessions a week - mainly because I see exercise as ‘me-time’. It helps me destress, stay energised and sleep well at night!

Recently I have been attending Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club in Ryde. I’m really loving this gym as it is motivating me to really mix up my exercise routine and keep it fresh. Case in point: the variety of facilities. I usually start with a quick cardio session - 20 mins on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill (10 minutes power walking on high incline, 10 minutes running). After this, how I finish up my workout depends on my mood and how much time I have. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll spend another 10 minute toning using weight machines before heading home. If I have more time, I’ll swim some laps (and fit in a sneaky sauna sesh). Or, if I have my friends with me I’m really enjoying playing some tennis or squash on the courts, followed by a post-exercise coffee. Next Gen is perfect for me because of this variety - staying motivated is all about switching it up and keeping your workout fun!

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