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One question I am commonly asked is how I find the motivation for consistent exercise. The answer is, it is so ingrained into my daily life that it is not a question of if, but when. Ever since school, I've never really not exercised - I used to dance a few times a week, and did Little Athletics so I was always training for performance rather than health. I loved playing sport at school!

As a twenty something, I obviously know I need to exercise for my health, but I try to keep my schoolgirl mentality of exercise as something fun! Hence my current membership to Next Gen Ryde - I can supplement my training with so much variety through all the facilities on site - tennis courts, squash courts, a pool plus group fitness classes or even a classic treadmill sesh.

The benefit of this is the multitude of options, which I think is the number one answer to increasing motivation. Change it up and make exercise fun again - before you know it, your fitness will be an inevitable component of your daily routine.

All photos shot on location at Next Gen Ryde.

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