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My Go-to Basics with Glue Store

One piece of advice I have picked up over the years is to always have a go-to outfit on hand. Last minute brunch invite? Slept in and have 15 minutes to run out the door? Having one of those ‘nothing looks good’ days? All of these situations seem to happen to me on the reg (and I’m guessing I’m not the only one!), so I always make sure I have a few outfit combos that I can grab out of my wardrobe at a moment's notice - swipe on some mascara and tinted moisturiser, a spritz of perfume and I am out the door!

This outfit in particular from Glue Store is a one to have on hand - the ‘All About Eve’ dress and tee are connected, meaning it’s just the one piece, Stan Smiths and my favourite bag - the ultimate, easy go-to.


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